Insights: My Substack Newsletter

Hi friends,

I wanted to let you know about a transition in my writing. For the foreseeable future I’m going to be using Substack to publish new, regular stuff. Some of you may recall that I sent out a few Substack newsletters around 2019-2020. After trying that then going back to traditional WordPress blogging, I’ve decided that Substack is a better future.

I’ll say more about this decision later in a future post. But for the time being, I would be extremely grateful if you would head on over to my newsletter page and subscribe to new posts. I’ve already written a post up that tells some of my story and explains why I think the newsletter format works best today. If you get updates from Letter & Liturgy via email, you will want to subscribe to Insights to get future writing right into your inbox.

Hope to see you there!

Author: Samuel D. James

Believer, husband, father, acquisitions editor, writer.

One thought on “Insights: My Substack Newsletter”

  1. Blessings on your transition. I think all this is just a sign of the times and the increased fragmentation of our culture and society, and the gradual moving into “having to” depend on the big tech companies. I don’t know. I like to believe there is still hope for less visible but deep currents to exist below the surface.


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